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Mad for Monkeys – A Monkey Tutorial

We made a cute monkey baby shower and it seems like monkeys are a popular choice for cakes these days!  As such, here’s a Kalli Cakes tutorial on how to make our cute little monkeys!

Monkey baby Shower Cake
The Monkey!

Gather The tools:

  • Brown Gumpaste/Fondant 50-50 mix
  • Cream Gumpaste/Fondant 50-50 mix
  • Black Gumpaste/Fondant 50-50 mix OR Black Food Coloring Markers
  • Palette Knife
  • Rose Petal Dust
  • Sugar Glue (CMC powder in water or gumpaste dissolved in water)
  • Paint brushes (one for glue, one for petal dust)
  • Cuticle scissors
  • Ball Tools
  • Rolling Pin
  • Non-stick mat
  • Toothpick
  • Oval Cutter
  • Pizza cutter/PME cutter
  • Cuticle Tool


1.  Knead the fondant so that it is pliable

2.  Roll balls of fondant to form the body and head:

Elongated ball for head
Balls of Fondant for the Body

3.  Let the balls rest on foam to set and dry a bit.

4.  As the body and head are setting up, roll out a bit of cream fondant and cut an oval from it to form the belly of the body.

Roll and cut out the cream belly for the monkey with an oval cutter.

5.  Now create the feet with more bits of cream fondant.  Follow the picture tutorials below.

Roll balls of fondant to create the feet.
Roll small pieces of fondant into pill shapes and then flatten. Get out your scissors to create toes.
Using cuticle scissors, cut three slices out of the feet and then tap in the edges with your finger to make them rounded toes.

This shows the approximate size of the feet to the body. We’re ready to glue the feet to the body now. Using just a little gum glue, you’re ready to go!

Attach the belly and feet with a little sugar glue. Take your toothpick and mark a belly button.

6.  Next, we’ll make the arms.

Roll a tube of brown fondant. Cut the tube with your palette knife at a 45 degree angle. Using a ball tool, indent the flat end of each tube. This will be where you attach the hands.

7.   After making the arms, roll little pieces of cream fondant for hands and attach with sugar glue:

Attach the arms with a little sugar glue and flatten the top so that the head will rest on the body and shoulders. Attach pieces of cream fondant for hands.

8.  While the body sets up, roll out a bit of cream fondant.  Set the head down on the fondant to measure the size.  Free-hand the face and cut it out.  Glue the face to the head.

Lay the head down to measure the face, cut around it.

Using a cutter, free hand the face by cutting it out of rolled cream fondant.

9.  Let’s work on the cute little ears next.

Roll a small portion of cream fondant into a pill shape and using your ball tool, rub it back and forth to create an indent.

The ears are attached with a bit of sugar glue, with an indent in the middle.

10.  Time for the facial features!

For the face, you will want to roll out small logs to glue on the face as the eyes and mouth. If you rather, you can draw these on with edible ink markers. We then took the cuticle tool and imprinted the nose and a toothpick for the nasal cavities. Take a paint brush with dry rose petal dust and blush his cheeks. After wards, form oval pieces of ivory fondant and secure those to the cheeks over the blushed cheeks with sugar glue.

11.  Tail and hair time!

Roll out long rolls of fondant. Large ones for the tails and small ones for the curly Q hair. Let these dry and set up.

12.  Glue the little monkey together!  Now that you have all the pieces, glue the head to the body, the hair to the head and the tail to his rear.  You may need something to prop the tail up as it sets.

Now you have one cute little monkey!