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Cake Journal Tutorials

Hi everyone!

It’s been too long and my goal of posting a new tutorial each month has not been met.  :0(  As a peace-offering, I wanted to let you know that Louise of www.CakeJournal.com has some really cool tutorials on her nifty blog (one of the very few blogs I follow!!).  Check out some of her tutorials at http://www.cakejournal.com/tutorials Also–you too can have her tutorials for FREE!  Check out this link for details:


Cake Journal Logo

Cake Journal Logo


Here are some of our latest creations that are keeping us busy!

Thanks everyone!  I hope to have some new stuff up soon!!  :0)  Meanwhile, definitely check out her tutorials and blog!!


Button Flower Cake & Light Boxes

Well, this past weekend, the hubby and I attempted to put together a light box to get the cake pictures looking a bit more professional.  So, to see how it works, I had to create a dummy cake!  I designed a cake that was meant to be difficult to photograph, and that, it was!  There are a lot of shadows with the layering and the different sizes of separators.

Here’s the best pic:

Lightbox cake

Light boxes are fairly inexpensive to make.  Just grab some pvc pipe, some white sheets, some work lamps (all with the same type of light being emitted), a background and some plexiglass.

This is what the cake looked like hanging out in the light box:

Cake in the box

And this is what the set up looks like (boy, aren’t things so much prettier when the “magic” isn’t revealed?):

Light Box

We use a DSLR to take most of our pics.  We can’t wait to tweak our light box to make it a little more user-friendly and to get the wrinkles out of the sheets!  :0)

So, play with these adult-sized tinker toys and get creative!  I even thought that this would be a wonderful way to make a clubhouse for kids to play in!  FUN!!

White background with the dummy cake